Before an election is called, we need to find our people and grow the membership of local groups. So we need you to help us find them.

We want you to get the word out locally, which will collectively help build the national movement for change.

That means a lot more outreach in the form of events, stalls and community action.

There are 3 steps you can take right now to help us build and grow:

1. Sign the Win As One Promise.

There’s a lot to do, but the movement starts with you, now, committing to work for the change. Pledge your time, energy and activism for a new politics. This commitment means something – and it connects you to a community of people who feel like you and want to do something about it.

Say you’re with us here. And then spread the word

2. Get your political representative on board. Write to your MP. 

Many MPs already know that the political system is dysfunctional. They can see firsthand how the system fails people and planet. But they need a movement to give them cover and encourage them to speak up.

The tide is turning. The polling and the report released at the launch Win As One shows there is a thirst for change and an appetite for politicians to work together to make change happen.

Now we need you to raise your voice in support of this crucial change. Help us take the next big step to changing politics. Bring your MP to the table.

Contact your MP through this form

3. Find your people and get active locally.

The national effort will be focusing on seeding, sustaining and growing groups in our target seats. But, despite our electoral system, action in every seat is crucial for this to work. This is because we need as many voices making the case for this new politics – and crucially demonstrating how we do things differently.

Also most groups are located within clusters of constituencies, where action is possible nearby. Whilst our vision is for a politics where power is evenly spread between constituencies, right now we need to target to win. We will help twin constituencies, for example lending resources and time from Labour members in Surrey to South Yorkshire, where it is most needed, as well as help coordinate networks of local groups.

The best place to start is exactly where you are.

Find events.

Find a local group.

Or if there’s nothing happening where you are: Start a group. Organise an event. We’re here to help with resources, advice or connections. Sign up here. 

Get started with our resources now.

When we speak with people, we need to connect the need to win a progressive-led government with the major issues this country faces: housing, foodbanks, public transport, funding for school meals. Nothing is outside the scope of this new politics, because it needs to be co-operative, long-termist and focused on human thriving.

This approach also represents a new way of doing politics. It is a lot of work. But we have been building up to this for years. We’ve tested it under the stress of elections and in the years in between. We’ve grown it from the grassroots and negotiated it nationally. We know it works.

Building this movement now means that when an election comes, we’ll be ready. And on the Friday afterwards we will be able to turn that energy into long-term power.

For you, our changemakers, we have put together a whole host of resources:

  • A conversation toolkit, with a script, stats and slides
  • A messaging guide for advocates
  • Letter templates for politicians and PPCs
  • Materials to run a stall and organise a launch event for your area
  • Win As One posters
  • A bank of graphics and templates to share over social media
  • An interest form to share
  • A short film to explain the campaign
  • A series of How-To PDFs to add to the existing resource library for virtual and digital events

Find them on our resources page.

Got questions? Check our FAQs for more information and detail.