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Podcast: The Definite Left w/ Anthony Barnett

Members join live on Tue 28th Feb to hear more about the definite left and seek to find some hope for the UK Left.

At the tail end of 2022, Anthony Barnett caused a stir with an essay, “The Year of the Definite Left”. He laid out why new movements on the Left across the world are challenging the political status quo, and what challenges lie ahead.

His general diagnosis is hopeful, but disparaging about the UK:

While it is in the Americas, both South and North, that the definite Left has gained political influence, the forces of humanisation that underlie it are felt everywhere, from Ukraine to Brazil, and from the apartments of Tehran to those of Beijing. But still they remain largely bottled up by the dominant order. In my own country, the UK, Brexit cannot be voted out like Trump, while the Labour opposition, far from seeking to initiate a Biden-style alliance with an intellectually vibrant definite Left, seeks to ensure its impotence and a return to Blairism.

Full essay here.

We’ll hear more about the definite left and seek to find some hope for the UK Left. More guests to be announced.

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Start: 28th Feb 2023 18:00
End: 28th Feb 2023 19:00
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