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Podcast: It’s Bloody Complicated: Universal Worker Dignity

In the second podcast episode of 2023, we’re hosting campaigners and writers who chronicle stories of worker movements in the UK and US.

It’s fair to say that the events of the past few years still encroach on the everyday lives of people. Whether it’s the Covid pandemic, Brexit, economic instability or the cost of living crisis – how we all get through life and work has completely changed due to these major events.

Nothing has changed as dramatically in our society and culture than the world of work. You cannot look at what has happened since the pandemic and not ride the rollercoaster of feeling hopeful, despair, in charge and dis-enabled.

This is because we are experiencing a period where worker dignity is at the fore-front of public consciousness. The fight to own this right is as strong as the political and economic forces that wish to go back to ‘business as usual,’ ‘profit is king,’ and ‘get back to the office and work.’

On the 24th January, we will explore the path of universal worker dignity, celebrate successes achieved from workers in the UK and US, and as we go into 2023, explore the challenges that we need to stand against, using both the power of people and technology.

We will be joined by a panel who have authored books that explores such topics:

  • Max Alvarez, Editor in chief of The Real News Network and author of The Work of living.
  • Hannah O’Rourke, Co-founder of Campaign Lab and co-author of Reorganise: 15 Stories of workers fighting back in a digital age
  • Lucy Harley-McKeown, Journalist and editor of The Block and co-author of Reorganise: 15 Stories of workers fighting back in a digital age.

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Event information

Start: 24th Jan 2023 18:00
End: 24th Jan 2023 19:00
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