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Podcast: Hegemony Now w/ Jeremy Gilbert

Members join us live on Tuesday 14th February to talk with Jeremy Gilbert about how where we are and the new opportunities that technology gives us to win back power.

Significant power is vested in Wall Street and Silicon Valley. How did we come to live in a world dominated by big tech and finance, where they hold considerable sway over the direction of politics and government? How do we understand this transformation in power? And what can we do about it?

On this episode of It’s Bloody Complicated, Jeremy Gilbert joins us to talk through how we might upgrade the concept of hegemony, the importance of passive consent, the complexity of political interests, and the structural force of technology. He is the co-author of Hegemony Now: How Big Tech and Wall Street Won the World (And How We Win it Back), which outlines a dynamic socialist strategy for the 21st Century.

Join us Tuesday 14th February to talk about how we got here and the new opportunities that technology gives us to win back power.

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Start: 14th Feb 2023 18:00
End: 14th Feb 2023 19:00
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