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How to WIN AS ONE at the next general election – with GET PR DONE!

Join Neal Lawson and GET PR DONE! Thursday 12th January 7pm on a joint conversation about Win As One and PR

GET PR DONE! is very tired of this scenario, you may be fed up as well:

The results come in from a general election, many Conservative candidates become MPs again, especially in safe seats where the vote total of the centre and left candidates in numbers of constituencies may have been far greater overall.

This result is down to two things:

a) our archaic First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system.

b) the fact that so-called “progressive parties” fail to work together and hence Tory candidates slither into many Parliamentary seats unfairly.

In 62 constituencies, we will work with other groups to organise a major tactical voting campaign to oust vulnerable sitting Tory MPs and candidates. Building a Commons majority among progressive parties would lead to a second goal: introducing a proportional representation (PR) voting system.

This is a goal that GET PR DONE! is happy to support. On 12th January 7pm Neal Lawson, executive director of Compass, will be a guest on a Zoom webinar with GET PR DONE! to share how WIN AS ONE will work and how you can join the effort.

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Start: 12th Jan 2023 19:00
End: 12th Jan 2023 20:00
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This campaign will take all of us – and everything we’ve got. If we invest our time, energy and money now, we can turn the progressive majority in the country into a progressive majority of politicians in Parliament at the next election. Will you help us?

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