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Compass Local Groups: Northern Devon

Join the local groups event in Northern Devon

What can we do locally to ensure the next election produces a fairer government?

Compass Northern Devon is posing this question to everyone who wishes for a progressive majority to succeed at the next general election. On Tuesday 10th January, the group will host an in-person event to not only share their campaign plans, but invite you to take part in making a positive change in the region.

Join us Tuesday 10th January 7:00-9:00pm at The Westleigh Village Hall and meet like-minded members and supporters in the Northern Devon group.

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Event information

Start: 10th Jan 2023 19:00
End: 10th Jan 2023 21:00
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This campaign will take all of us – and everything we’ve got. If we invest our time, energy and money now, we can turn the progressive majority in the country into a progressive majority of politicians in Parliament at the next election. Will you help us?

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