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Win As One is a campaign focused on constituencies in England and Wales.

We want to change the way Westminster governs, for everyone. We are focusing on seats in England and Wales because there is the greatest potential for progressives to cooperate to unseat Tories and win a progressive government committed to change our politics to change our country. To help us Win As One for the whole UK help us by spread the word.

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Parliamentary constituency


Region: Scotland
Potential Progressive Majority: 53.9%
Conservative: 45.3%
Scottish National Party: 44.2%
Labour: 5%
Liberal Democrats: 4.6%

Results from General Election 2019

Conservative vote: 45.3% Majority over second placed party: 1.1% HELD
Win As One combined vote 53.9%
This is not voting advice, these are results from the last election and many seats will change due to boundary changes
MP Information
Photo of Douglas Ross MP
Douglas Ross MP Conservative MP for Moray since 2017

Join Win As One in Moray to make real change

To Win As One we need you. You know your local community better than anyone sitting in Westminster. Join together with others in Moray to change politics and change our country, starting with Proportional Representation. There’s too much at stake, from a climate emergency to basic fairness, to not Win as One.

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About the campaign to Win as One in Moray

At the next election, we lose apart again or we Win As One to change our political system for good.

Our voting system is the glue that holds our rotten, out-of-date, politics together – we must change it.

First Past the Post centralises power and locks in the influences of the rich and powerful. It shuts out the voices of the people – bending only to a tiny number of swing voters in just a few swing seats. It encourages short-term, tribal thinking that is far away from the big, bold, change our country needs.

Only by changing our political system can we really change the country – whether to end poverty, build a new economy, fight for climate justice and human rights, or build greater internationalism or stronger working rights.

At the next election we need to come together, yes to change the government, but most importantly to change the system; with Proportional Representation as the first essential step of giving power back to the people.

Unless we work together we will lose again and things will get even worse – we can’t let that happen.

There is a progressive majority in our country but because we are divided we keep losing – we must stop this happening again.

At the last election there were 62 progressive tragedy seats where the Tories won despite their vote being smaller than the number of people who voted for progressive parties. Enough to have wiped out the Tories’ entire majority.

Before, during and after the next election we need to:

  • Build trusted cross-party relations in target seats to reduce progressive competition, so we don’t divide the vote
  • Channel funding and support to candidates who back real political reform, in the shape of PR
  • Create a movement of campaigners and activists on the ground in these key seats
  • Maximise the number of votes going to progressive candidates who can win and who want to change the system

This is what #WinAsOne is about. A national movement of hundreds of thousands of Change Makers – just like you – committed and willing to use their votes, activism, time, money and energy to ensure the best placed progressive candidates who back real change win. For more information, visit our FAQS.

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This campaign will take all of us – and everything we’ve got. If we invest our time, energy and money now, we can turn the progressive majority in the country into a progressive majority of politicians in Parliament at the next election. Will you help us?

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